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Furniture Design

During the initial contact meeting with the client ideally on site in order to see and get the feeling of the space, environment and get to know the client, client’s style, taste, life style, work, family and social life.  Very importantly their likes and dislikes and the budget, if limited. 

Once I get sufficient information, I prepare at least 2 options, usually one that reflects what client requested, also a varied option to show a different way and I always try to introduce something completely different to show the client other possibilities, often successfully to their own surprise. My design ideas for each client are based on the original request with an evolution of thinking and considering all aspects of design. I try to show the clients a variety of options that differ from the common and traditional, whether it’s style, colour or material in order to broaden their horizon and encourage them to be more adventurous and on trend.  And help us create the perfect piece of furniture ticking all their boxes often with a bonus reflecting the client’s personality, lifestyle and particular requirements.

Once we agree on a final design we are then ready to discuss it with the manufacturer, either chosen by the client or one of my own contacts. In most cases I would have a discussion with the manufacturer during the creative stage, applying my good technical knowledge together with comfortable working relationship with the manufacturer helps bring the final design together. My clear understanding of technical development of both soft and hard furnishings. The end result is fully functional, useful, not an object, unless specifically required with the costs in mind and of course pleasing to the eye.

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